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Miss Charlotte's 5 Ballet Basics:

Positions to Practice at Home!! 

PORT DE BRAS’- Carriage of the arms.

Hello my little ballerinas, as you know ballet needs to be practiced outside of the studio too!  Every ballerina begins with learning how to coordinate the arms and legs.  Port de bras is  the passage of the arms in a graceful, harmonious way.  The 5 main positions following the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus are;



Your heels should be touching with your toes turned out.  Hold your arms in front of you, level to your belly button.  They should be an oval shape, like you are holding a big beach ball.



Your feet should be turned out as in first position and directly under your hips (foot and half length) Open your arms wide, not passing behind you, keeping them slightly rounded in shape.



Cross one foot in front of the other, hiding the back foots heel only.  Bring that same arm back to the first position placement, opposite the belly button.



Slide the front foot out so there is a small space between the feet, still hiding the back heel but with a foot cap between the feet.  The arm that was in first position, raise it up above your head.  Keeping the curve in both arms still.



Finally, bring the front foot to meet the back, crossing it slightly further over now to cover the back foot. Your front heel should be crossed over touching the back big toe joint.  Raise both arms making a beautiful oval shape above the head.



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